The Clerical Side of Cancer


Sometime last year I was researching what it was like to get sick as an adult. Not just the kind of sick that leaves you confined to a bed binging on some random show via Netflix. I am talking about something that affects your health in a big way. I read about a 20-something who got cancer but what she spoke about was the mental aspect. Which I get. You hear you have cancer and your mind instantly goes numb. You think death is in the driveway warming the car. It’s a diagnosis that comes with very little good news when you first get it because whether you caught it early enough or not, it’s still in you.


Future Spawn Planning

Yesterday Jason shared that the way his parents raised him led him to do things completely different when he found himself a father eight years ago. Me on the other hand, I would definitely take a page from my mother’s parenting handbook. A single parent who raised three kids in her lifetime, and even took on other kids from time to time – she was very hands off. She insured we had the essentials but she never really got into our personal lives too much believing it was our lives to live. Yeah, there are times you wish you had a parent that would sit down and listen but then you see parents who are actually like that and it makes you shiver.


The Guardian of Future Generations

Growing up Jason C. never wanted kids, but he met a girl who was destined for motherhood and once he hit the big 3-0, he found himself a father. When you become a parent, all you really know is what you learned from your own. With that you either continue with what they did, or run like hell away from their ways and create your own because you’d rather not screw your kid up. Jason decided he had to do almost everything the opposite of what his parents had done with him and today he’s happy with the results as he watched his eight-year-old son continue to grow.