Bottle Full of Bub: Top 8 Alternative Clubs

Not all clubs are about that EDM/hip hop life. Meaning that there is a place for all of us out there to head to got a night out. These the top alternative clubs out there that stray from the supposed norm, but where you can go ahead and just be you.



Take Me to the Club with ‘Party Monster’

Clubbing has a lot of positive attributes like the social interactions, sense of belonging and that feeling like you can be yourself there. Yes, we’ve gone over that a few times now but what about those bad attributes of this pastime? Anyone can fall into drugs and a serious case of alcoholism, but it’s more so when you’re put into a space where it’s more present. Amy noted that she’s not too big on drinking, which makes her in the rare grand scheme because going out to the club usually involves something to calm the nerves be it a cocktail or a smoke of some kind. Of course that’s not always the case and I’m not saying going out this weekend will lead you down a path of addiction, but like we saw in Party Monster, it can and does happen in some cases.


Emo(tional) Nights

To deny the music that guided you through adolescence is a crime. Those who don’t hold a special place in their little hearts for the artists that made them feel something other than insane due to the hormones that rattled their brains during those developmental teenage years, you’re weird to me. So when the idea of Emo Night came about, it seemed interesting enough and it was fun…at first. Going out once a month to listen to music that kept you sane growing up – priceless. Void was the hip hop you (I) don’t know from today, absent were the girls dressed like ladies of the night, guards dismantling your self esteem at the door – gone. Instead bands like The Used and Taking Back Sunday filled the space, girls dressed in Converse (phew!) and the security only cared if you were 21. It seemed like a place I’d find solace but instead I just started to be over it.


Around the World, Around the World…

We talked months ago about the town I grew up in. Most get stuck there, but when they do escape and make something of their life – I smile. I smiled very wide when Amy Miller graduated and went into the Navy. Now a Field Service Engineer, she traded our small desert town for Phoenix but can be found traveling the world more often than not though – and why not? Like we learned a couple weeks ago, life’s too short to live stationary. Knowing Amy since she was a kid, I was surprised this once little punk would be into the club scene. Alas she is and has been since hitting 18. She started going soon after she completed boot camp and has been enjoying her nights out ever since. With that, she opened up about how important the music is to her and even talked about club scenes from around the world…


Bottle Full of Bub: Late Night Recreation

Traveling and running marathons are hobbies that give you a sense of self and accomplishment, the last of the trio this month perhaps does those things too – but in much different ways. Living in Los Angeles, you see the long lines to get into places you know you could never. Well, if you’re me…a girl who knows as much about makeup as she does astrophysics and thinks wearing Converse is appropriate for every occasion. For me, a club pumping the latest hits by Rihanna and Drake is a nightmare, but for a lot of adults – it’s life. I mean, I shouldn’t say all clubs are about the weekly Top 40 so we’ll just talk about the general idea of clubs and not define it by the kind you see the Kardashians strolling in and out of, although those seem to be the majority.