The Guardian of Future Generations

Growing up Jason C. never wanted kids, but he met a girl who was destined for motherhood and once he hit the big 3-0, he found himself a father. When you become a parent, all you really know is what you learned from your own. With that you either continue with what they did, or run like hell away from their ways and create your own because you’d rather not screw your kid up. Jason decided he had to do almost everything the opposite of what his parents had done with him and today he’s happy with the results as he watched his eight-year-old son continue to grow.

Kendra: Did your respect for your own parents go up once you had a kid of your own?

Jason: My respect for my parents has gone way down as I have raised my son. I can see now how little they did, in contrast to how much I do for my son.

Kendra: How does your parenting style differ from your parents?

Jason: I’m a little more fun and a lot more understanding and loving than my parents were with me.

Kendra: What was your biggest fear about being a parent before your first child was born?

Jason: That he would be born with a horrible medical condition of some kind.

Kendra: What’s your biggest fear now that you’re kid’s out and about?

Jason: I worry that I will somehow “break him” or do or say something so horrible that it scars him for life.

Kendra: At what moment did you first feel like an actual parent – not just a person with a kid?

Jason: The first time I had my baby boy all by myself for a day. All he had was me and I realized how big of a thing I had signed up for.

Kendra: How has becoming a parent changed you?

Jason: I care a lot more about issues like climate change, civil rights and other issues that will affect humanity and earth for the long haul.

Kendra: Lastly, what’s the biggest high and lowest low of being a parent?

Jason: The best high is when they smile because of you. The worst low is when they cry because of you.

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