Being an adult means…Well, it means something different for everyone. For me it’s actually living on your own and being able to handle your own. For others it’s having a fancy job that would impress at any social gathering. That’s the thing, what it means to be a grown up comes with as many opinions as the hosts of The Real (it’s basically The View for 20 to 30-year-olds who find themselves home everyday at 2pm).

After thinking I could actually write a book about the topic, I then said to myself – a podcast! Those are cool and hip and I could definitely do that with the help of my boyfriend. Instead I realized I couldn’t stand to hear myself talk that much. If you can imagine a Alvin of the Chipmunk fame mating with American Idol contestant and country star Kellie Pickler, then you’d have me. I was raised in California, but sometimes my dad’s Texan roots come through and I have a twang. Are twangs hereditary? Maybe I could hire some transplant new to LA who was interested in “getting her foot in the door.” Of course beautiful 23-year-old from Kansas – this podcast with no real celebrity connection will be just the thing you need to get discovered by *insert cool indie director’s name here* and be a star. So after trying to branch out, I headed back to the one place I’m 100% comfortable; blogging.

This blog will be a year look at 12 different aspects of adulthood broken down into 3-5 subtopics from sex to health to why your married friends suddenly only hang with other couples, or what about the idea that friendship takes a turn towards bank accounts as you get older? I’ll talk about it all giving you top 10 lists, pop culture twists and even talk to others who’ve dealt with each week’s topics.

Now that I’ve rambled on – you can continue on your way but if you’re a 23-year-old from Kansas, I am sorry I could not help you make it in this crazy town.

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