The DIY Route to the Big Day

Gun to my head I couldn’t tell you the names of 10 people I went to college with, but high school? Middle school? I can rattle off names, birthdays and a million and one memories…One of them being Queena Phommasene (who was born at the start of January by the way). It’s hard to forget someone like her. Always drawing interesting pictures in notebooks, doing something with her hair or making her own homecoming court dress – it was easy to guess she’d have one of the most hands on wedding when she got older. And I guessed right!

Like a lot of people, Queena admits that she had ideas in her head about her wedding day long before an engagement was set in stone. Being a creative person, her thoughts were mostly about the decor; a sea of red, black and silver at the time. Today she’s still got her mind on what the day will look like, and with that we’ll get to hear more from the bride to be about planning her wedding which is set to take place a year or so from now.

Kendra: Do you think the decor that some people dream of for their wedding changes when they meet their partner and realize they’re going to have to compromise?

Quenna: Definitely changes. My ideas are so different from what I used to want. It’s not so much a compromise but more so a change in my personal style and taste. He’s not big on planning, so it will definitely be more of what i come up with; gold, grey and taupe with a little rustic meets modern…

Kendra: Have you hired, or are you planning to hire a wedding planner at all?

Queena: No, but I have a friend who does wedding planning so I’m taking notes anytime we talk!

Kendra: Are you confident you can just do it yourselves?

Queena: I’ve never planned a wedding, not sure where to even start with venues and catering but that’s where I’ll be asking for help. The decor? I got that all day.

Kendra: Okay, so on top of planning a wedding, you just bought a house. Has that cut into the marital budget at all?

Queena: When we got engaged, we discussed what would be more important: a home or  wedding. We both agreed a roof over our heads was the way to go. We invested all of our savings and accomplished our goal of being homeowners before 30. Now it’s all about saving up for the wedding.

Kendra: Did you set a budget or are you going to be DIYing a lot?

Queena: We have a small budget in mind. I want a small, cozy wedding; simple. And I don’t want to meet anyone for the first time at my own wedding. I’ll be DIYing a lot! Thank goodness I’m crafty!

Kendra: When it comes to the big day, other than the love and romance – what’s the most important part you’re: dress, cake, decor,  or venue?

Queena: Umm, decor. It has everything to do with creating a feeling. I love to decorate so I want my wedding to be just as cozy as my home! Plus, I’ll be doing a lot of it myself so it’ll be unique. I mean I did already crochet my bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets. It’s the little details but it’ll be meaningful.

Kendra: Lastly, what’s the biggest high of wedding planning, and the absolute low of it all?

Queena: The low – setting a budget and saving for it. The high – every time I plan or start a DIY project for the big day I get excited about marrying the love of my life. I think of him and it makes me smile. I just can’t want to become Mrs. Derek Uyemori.

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