The Clerical Side of Cancer


Sometime last year I was researching what it was like to get sick as an adult. Not just the kind of sick that leaves you confined to a bed binging on some random show via Netflix. I am talking about something that affects your health in a big way. I read about a 20-something who got cancer but what she spoke about was the mental aspect. Which I get. You hear you have cancer and your mind instantly goes numb. You think death is in the driveway warming the car. It’s a diagnosis that comes with very little good news when you first get it because whether you caught it early enough or not, it’s still in you.



The Parental Guide to Cancer
No one has ever watched a movie or a show about cancer and said, “That was uplifting.” Even if the person makes it out alive, that disease is one that no one really goes into with a smile on their face. That’s because um, it’s fucking cancer. So while I was going to talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50, I sat on a plane writing this and was like, nah – I didn’t like that movie enough, and I don’t remember it all that well. Plus, without the internet…how am I to really remember what the hell he and Seth Rogen even did?


Grabbing More Than a Band-Aid: Sick Days
Who doesn’t like a sick day when they’re growing up? It means missing school, hopefully having pity from adults and getting out of homework and chores and getting to watch daytime TV. Come on down! Oh, it’s the best. When you’re older – not so much. Getting sick as an adult is shit. For those out of the house, mom isn’t there with NyQuil in hand. Instead, your boss is wondering if you’re faking it and not giving two shits why you’re out – and unless you have one of those fancy jobs that have paid sick days, you’re out of money for the day. Those are the initial fears that came to mind though about being sick as a grownup, but as I thought about it…there’s so much more to fear. Medical bills for the uninsured, or a serious disease that cuts things short. Yeah, those things seem way more intimidating than your boss looking at you like a liar when you really have the flu.