The Guardian of Future Generations

Growing up Jason C. never wanted kids, but he met a girl who was destined for motherhood and once he hit the big 3-0, he found himself a father. When you become a parent, all you really know is what you learned from your own. With that you either continue with what they did, or run like hell away from their ways and create your own because you’d rather not screw your kid up. Jason decided he had to do almost everything the opposite of what his parents had done with him and today he’s happy with the results as he watched his eight-year-old son continue to grow.



Born Without the Need to Spawn

Little girls are often given dolls in order to place some sort of thought into their heads that a baby is what they should strive to have one day. For Denise, it was just a toy and she just played with it when her friends were around, never giving it much thought. She admits that the biological clock others her age speak of must’ve never developed inside her because she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out by not having kids right now, and she is firm believing that she will never yearn to be someone’s mother because when you boil it down – she just doesn’t care all that much for kids. In fact, she didn’t even like them when she was one of them. That’s where we started this and along the way we talked about the stigma people like her face, if she likes kids even a little and more.


The Communication of a Lengthy Marriage

Being 14 means dealing with the tail end of puberty, learning algebra and realizing that soon enough high school will be a reality. For Maria Gorman it was about all of that, and meeting the guy who would wind up being the man she would be engaged to only five years later. While they’re a good looking family with a strong marriage and two kids, she admits it’s not all great all the time, “It isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We struggled a lot not with each other but with life experiences.”

One of those experiences being cancer. Her husband Brett has beaten it once before, but recently got diagnosed again. Sticking by one another and being strong for each other has been their ammo since day one, and while I wish them the best as they go through this health scare a second time – I feel like they’ll get through because reading what Maria had to say about their relationship, how they make it work and more – they got this.


The DIY Route to the Big Day

Gun to my head I couldn’t tell you the names of 10 people I went to college with, but high school? Middle school? I can rattle off names, birthdays and a million and one memories…One of them being Queena Phommasene (who was born at the start of January by the way). It’s hard to forget someone like her. Always drawing interesting pictures in notebooks, doing something with her hair or making her own homecoming court dress – it was easy to guess she’d have one of the most hands on wedding when she got older. And I guessed right!

Like a lot of people, Queena admits that she had ideas in her head about her wedding day long before an engagement was set in stone. Being a creative person, her thoughts were mostly about the decor; a sea of red, black and silver at the time. Today she’s still got her mind on what the day will look like, and with that we’ll get to hear more from the bride to be about planning her wedding which is set to take place a year or so from now.


Virgin By Choice
Down in Irvine lives a woman named Becky who spends her time as a civil defense attorney. Slaying the law like a boss is what she does, but it’s what she doesn’t do that brings her here today. While some her age would avoid this topic like an old classmate in Walmart on a trip back to their hometown at Thanksgiving, Becky isn’t shy at all about sharing her choice to be a virgin. She points out the stigmas, pressure and more…