Gaining a Sixth Sense: Top 10 Parental Mistakes

We’ve talked a lot about this week there being multiple ways to raise a child, but when push comes to shove there are some mistakes that are made all the time and here are the most common…

10. Putting Kids on Pedestal

We get it, your kids are the absolute best ones in the whole wide world. Reality check though, unless you’ve proven to have the next Michael Jordan or Einstein – you’re kid’s just awesome to you. It’s cool to praise your kids but don’t blow their ego up so much that you’re raising the next Kardashian.

9. Living Through Your Kids

You didn’t make the dance squad in high school. That doesn’t give you the right to push your kid towards that. Let them do what they want, not what you failed to do.

8. Being Their Best Buds

Kids need their parents to feel like their friends, but there are lines that have to be drawn so they know you’re also the adult in charge.

7. Judging Others

How you raise your kids is not how others are going to raise theirs. Be mindful that everyone has their own way.

6. Keeping Kids Too Busy

Yes, all those extracurricular activities look amazing to colleges but they can also wear your kids the fuck out.

5. Stressing Grades

It’s one thing to have a smart kid, but it’s another to see them for only their brains. They need to be well-rounded in other areas.

4. Not Being Honest Enough

Do not like your kids grow up in a fantasy world where sex is a magical moment that comes only after marriage. Talking to them about things like sex and drugs will actually make them seem like less of a big deal and it’ll make them more likely to come to you instead of running around to their friends who may be uninformed.

3. Not Setting Screen Time Limits

They thought my generation was addicted to TV and video games, well damn – today they have way more and they need to know when it’s time to unplug and get the hell outside.

2. Not Letting Them Explore

Failing to allow your kids to go out on their own when they are younger will make them scared to do so when they’re older.

1. Making Them Ignore Their Faults

When they do something wrong or break something and it’s their fault, don’t sugarcoat it. Don’t berate them for it either, but do make sure they understand what they did.

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