All Hitched Up: Top 9 Tips for Making a House a Home for Two

A couple should never more into one another’s place. They should definitely have their own spot, especially if getting married. It’s just better to come together in a place to insure that no one has the upper hand on anyone else. Then comes the fact that you have to then make the house a home for the both of you. Which this can be hard if styles don’t exactly match up, so here are some tips to take yours and theirs and make it coincide in an actual home.


The Marriage Situation Coalition

TV and movies usually give us a casing of what marriage is without diving too deep because let’s face it, we don’t really want to watching every aspect of someone else’s life. Okay, maybe reality TV debunks that statement but when I sat down and tried to think of one show or movie to showcase – I came back a little stumped. Hence, this being a day late. So sitting on the bumpiest bus and actually writing with a pen and pencil –  I went with The Big Bang Theory because it’s a show I as much. Plus, they have two married couples I love to dish about.


Finding Love in a Loveless Place

All around me growing up were families with two parents. Every friend I had growing up had a mom and dad at home. Even my cousins whose parents were legit addicts had both of them at home. They’re clean now by the way, but the point is is that I had a lot of marriages around me, but was lacking one in my own home. My dad was married to someone else when he knocked up my mom, and they didn’t seem to think they should be together when he then got her pregnant six years later with my brother…oh well, they taught me that sometimes it’s better to just be friends with those you mated with than to actually live under the same roof. Nevertheless, i grew up never having that importance of marriage shoved in my face.


The Communication of a Lengthy Marriage

Being 14 means dealing with the tail end of puberty, learning algebra and realizing that soon enough high school will be a reality. For Maria Gorman it was about all of that, and meeting the guy who would wind up being the man she would be engaged to only five years later. While they’re a good looking family with a strong marriage and two kids, she admits it’s not all great all the time, “It isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We struggled a lot not with each other but with life experiences.”

One of those experiences being cancer. Her husband Brett has beaten it once before, but recently got diagnosed again. Sticking by one another and being strong for each other has been their ammo since day one, and while I wish them the best as they go through this health scare a second time – I feel like they’ll get through because reading what Maria had to say about their relationship, how they make it work and more – they got this.


All Hitched Up: Life After the Wedding

Fairy tales have taught us that once you find “the one” you’ll live “happily ever after” but according to the latest statistics 41% of first marriages end in divorce court. That number rises for second marriages to 60% and by someone’s third time down the aisle, it’s 73%. With all that said, why are people still all about it? That’s probably because at the end of the day we’re still in love with the idea of love. Not only love, but finding that one person you can be comfortable enough with in life. That, to me, is what marriage is all about.