You Were Born an Adult?

My biggest problem with people who seem to flat out hate kids is that they act like they were never young at all in their entire life. Like oh, you came out your mom with a 401k and a mature attitude towards life? Okay, I don’t think so because I know some pretty immature adults out there who have a disdain towards children. So I can’t imagine they were that grown all their lives. That’s not to say that some people can be telling the truth when they present that factoid about themselves, but I’d be willing to call bullshit on at least 99.9% of them because kids are supposed to be horrible. It’s in their DNA. We’re supposed to be some level of a monstrosity growing up because we lack the common sense not to be. Hell, even though I was a pretty quiet kid who favored playing alone to being a part of a large, loud group – I would never say I wasn’t a brat. I threw my fair share of fits back in the day…throughout college and even some today. So I could never say I hate kids because they’re a nuisance because I was once one myself and have not forgotten that.


The MIA Single Lady

We’ve been here before and it’ll likely happen again, but my interview subject for this week wasn’t able to get their answers back to me. I can only hope it was because she was no longer single and was unable to fully relate to the questions placed before her, or she got busy with her kickass career as a legit makeup artist. Either is possible and either possibility is totally fine. It would’ve been nice to know though what a 20-something had to say about the reality of being single in a day and age where hook ups are more the norm than commitment thanks to apps making casual sex a-okay for most her age.