Gaining a Sixth Sense: Top 10 Parental Mistakes

We’ve talked a lot about this week there being multiple ways to raise a child, but when push comes to shove there are some mistakes that are made all the time and here are the most common…



The Polar Opposite Styles of ‘The Goldbergs’

A show that never fails to make me to cry is The Goldbergs. Yes, the show that’s a total throwback to the ’80s that features homages to Star Wars, New Kids on the Block and Double Dare. It gets me every week with the sentimental ways of the family, especially when it comes to the parents.


The Guardian of Future Generations

Growing up Jason C. never wanted kids, but he met a girl who was destined for motherhood and once he hit the big 3-0, he found himself a father. When you become a parent, all you really know is what you learned from your own. With that you either continue with what they did, or run like hell away from their ways and create your own because you’d rather not screw your kid up. Jason decided he had to do almost everything the opposite of what his parents had done with him and today he’s happy with the results as he watched his eight-year-old son continue to grow.