The Polar Opposite Styles of ‘The Goldbergs’

A show that never fails to make me to cry is The Goldbergs. Yes, the show that’s a total throwback to the ’80s that features homages to Star Wars, New Kids on the Block and Double Dare. It gets me every week with the sentimental ways of the family, especially when it comes to the parents.

Beverly and Murray Goldberg couldn’t be more opposite on paper. She is a helicopter mom often called a “smother,” and he would much rather sit in his chair, in his underwear watching TV. Always connecting with Murray, I can see myself having kids and raising them much like him; not showing too much heart on their sleeve, but coming through when necessary.

While Murray is where I see myself, I love appreciate that there is a definite balance between the two. Even single parents should be able to find that balance within themselves to deliver their kids a varied view. Which is exactly what The Goldbergs (and many other sitcoms have showcased) every week.

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