think like a man

Think Like a Man and Grow Up
Believe the hype. Kevin Hart is golden. That’s not what this is about but I just wanted to get that out there. Think Like a Man explored a lot of aspects from getting your college boyfriend to grow up and propose, to what it’s like to date a mama’s boy – and that’s what we’re going to focus on. Terrence Jenkins’ Michael was perfect on paper. He had a job, a beautiful smile and was considerate. In case you missed it a second ago – he was the movie’s resident mama’s boy. Which isn’t too bad if the guy is independent and his relationship with his mom doesn’t verge on Norman Bates. That wasn’t the case for Michael though. His mom did his laundry, he spent too much time with her and the cherry on top was the fact that he not only spent the night there once a week, but it was in his room that looked like he’d died in an accident when he was 12. Thank you 21 Jump Street for that reference and for noting how weird it is when parents have shrines of their kids.