the big bang theory

The Marriage Situation Coalition

TV and movies usually give us a casing of what marriage is without diving too deep because let’s face it, we don’t really want to watching every aspect of someone else’s life. Okay, maybe reality TV debunks that statement but when I sat down and tried to think of one show or movie to showcase – I came back a little stumped. Hence, this being a day late. So sitting on the bumpiest bus and actually writing with a pen and pencil –  I went with The Big Bang Theory because it’s a show I as much. Plus, they have two married couples I love to dish about.



The Friendship Method Circumlocution
We all make assumptions every day of our lives. Whether or not it’s about what someone tweeted, a stranger we passed on the street or what a television show is about. I personally do that a lot. Like Downton Abbey. I would assume it’s the most boring show with British accents to have ever come on the air. Perhaps I’m wrong on that just like people are wrong to assume The Big Bang Theory is just about a group of guys who like nerdy things. Here’s the thing, bare bones – that’s the simplest explanation one could give about this show without ever having seen an episode. The truth is it’s about a group of friends, like any group, who share commonalities that are based on geek culture but have risen about that to share their life experiences on new levels throughout its nine seasons so far.