Forever Alone: Top 10 Places to Go From Single to Taken

One of the hardest parts about dating is knowing where to look. So I’m here to lend a helping hand and offer you 10 of the perfect places to meet people if you’re swinging single and ready for something more.



Peeling Back the Layers of Shrek’s Loneliness
Before there were too many sequels that wound up making Shrek a bit of an annoyance, this movie was top notch. The first one is possibly one of the best animated films of all time as it took classic fairy tale aspects we’re all familiar with and made them come alive in a whole new way with the introduction of Shrek to a new audience. An ogre who lived in a swamp who had a face only a mother could love, he existed in solitude and was okay with that up until he had to save his homestead by retrieving a princess. Of course he came to fall in love with Princess Fiona but though she was far from his league. How could this beauty ever love a beast (another fairy tale aspect right there). Of course we learn that Fiona was also an ogre and the two wound up living happily ever after…


The MIA Single Lady

We’ve been here before and it’ll likely happen again, but my interview subject for this week wasn’t able to get their answers back to me. I can only hope it was because she was no longer single and was unable to fully relate to the questions placed before her, or she got busy with her kickass career as a legit makeup artist. Either is possible and either possibility is totally fine. It would’ve been nice to know though what a 20-something had to say about the reality of being single in a day and age where hook ups are more the norm than commitment thanks to apps making casual sex a-okay for most her age.