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Sleeping in the Past: Top 10 Things That Come to Mind Thinking About People Who Have a Room at Their Parents

You’ve moved out. You’ve got your own place. You still have a place at your parent’s? Wait, what? It’s normal for some and not-so-normal for others. We’re going to talk about the top things that come to mind when you think about people who have a room in their parent’s house once they move out.



You Gave Them a Room? No Wonder They Keep Coming Back?
As we learned yesterday, my best friend’s mom is a lot more understanding than my own. When it comes to my family – you move out and that’s it. If you want to leave anything behind it is going into the dreaded shed in the back that has battled termites, rain and a couple of fires thanks to neighbor’s meth labs or whatever. Yes, the place I grew up is as classy as Lindsay Lohan. While I wish my Backstreet Boys’ stuff could’ve been safer inside, it doesn’t bother me too much when I think about not having a defined space in my mom’s house anymore.


Not an Empty Nest, Just an Extra Space
With my BFF’s older siblings being out of the house for years by the time they moved into her family’s new house when we were in high school, there was plenty of space. Fast forward to when it was time for her to leave for college and then later – life, her parents didn’t see a need to change up her room. They didn’t necessarily need her room for anything else, and in my head it was comforting to be able to look in there and see their daughter who was in San Francisco, Portland, Alaska – girl has lived in more places since college than I’ve been in my entire life.

With that, I thought who else better to talk to than the mother of my BFF, Alice. While my own mom fits my needs as a hands off kind of Roseanne like matriarch, it was always nice having Alice around as a second mother figure who was into crafting and being a part of the community; our families on paper are polar opposites. So more open when it came to space than my own, I knew she would be perfect to talk to about this subject since she indeed still has my BFF’s room all set up like she resides there.