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The Haves: 401 Whats?
Student loans are possibly the biggest low of getting a higher education when you realize you’re in a job that doesn’t make enough to pay back said loans. Unless of course you’re one of the privileged who still bank on parental units, if not you’re in the broke category of life. All of that said, we’ve already talked about each of those, so today we’re focusing on a sector of people I am the furthest from, the people whose savings accounts allot them to lead a life where finances are never really an issue. They rarely have to check their accounts on their phone to ensure they can pay for a refill at 7-Eleven. These people have a 401k, and actually know what that means. I on the other hand will admit right now that I had no clue and actually had to look it up while at the library. Which thanks to Ellie Williams’ All about Your 401k Plan: Simple Answers to Securing Your Financial Future, I learned it was when your job takes money from your check and puts it towards retirement. When you’ve never had a “real” job, this is an absolutely foreign concept.