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How I Met Your Friends

Perhaps Brooke was right. You don’t have to lose friends and only hang out with married couples when you get hitched. I mean, look at How I Met Your Mother. They were an array of of couples and single people all coming together in good graces for the sake of friendship – and there never seemed to be anything that awkward going on. Minus the fact that the person you assumed was the mother was just a woman regarded as an aunt in the end who the main guy fell for after the mother died of cancer.



Cruel Lies

For decades now teen movies have been feeding us delicious lies about so many things; popularity, makeovers, and of course sex. Either you were “cool” and active in high school or you weren’t and even though it was based on teens and not adults, I feel like those movies continued to have an impact as we got older. Like we talked about with Becky, there are clear stigmas attached to being a virgin and they get worse with age.Teen movies set us up for that because how many are about the woes of a virgin just trying to get laid? Also, how many of them portray first times like an awesome event?


Peeling Back the Layers of Shrek’s Loneliness

Before there were too many sequels that wound up making Shrek a bit of an annoyance, this movie was top notch. The first one is possibly one of the best animated films of all time as it took classic fairy tale aspects we’re all familiar with and made them come alive in a whole new way with the introduction of Shrek to a new audience. An ogre who lived in a swamp who had a face only a mother could love, he existed in solitude and was okay with that up until he had to save his homestead by retrieving a princess. Of course he came to fall in love with Princess Fiona but though she was far from his league. How could this beauty ever love a beast (another fairy tale aspect right there). Of course we learn that Fiona was also an ogre and the two wound up living happily ever after…


The Simi-Perfection of ‘The Break-Up’

When you hear something is a Romantic Comedy, you expect a happy ending. What I both love and hate about The Break-Up – SPOILER ALERT –  is that the couple doesn’t wind up together. I guess the title should’ve been the big clue there, but doesn’t love win over all? Not in this case and it’s a huge lesson in not wasting time on someone who is not “the one.”


Relationships from ‘A to Z’

With each season comes new TV shows and it’s likely that most will fail and you’ll never see them again. A to Z was one of those shows back in 2014 on NBC and come that January, it was gone. Which was a shame because other than starring an adorable couple that wasn’t SO white, it was also hilarious, delightful and to me, educational.