MTV Proved Pregnancy Does Not Make Your Grown

After rich kids in Orange County and the internet, MTV started to take a dive. Not all good things last can last though, right? Soon enough we were introduced to a show about pregnant teenagers. All of them different, but at the end we saw they were basically all stuck in a variety of messes. While some were responsible, there were more than enough that showcased why you should wait until you’re older and more mature to have kids.



Hooking Catfish Off the Dock of the Bay
If the year was 1997 I may think Catfish was 100% real but that’s because I would be 10-years-old and the idea of the internet would still be so new to me that – well, I’d believe it. Now though, whether or not the people who get tricked into believing they are dating some hot chick in Florida when they are nothing more than a awkward dude in Idaho…I’m not sure, but this series showcases the horrendous side of online dating…in the most extreme way.