Finding Love in a Loveless Place

All around me growing up were families with two parents. Every friend I had growing up had a mom and dad at home. Even my cousins whose parents were legit addicts had both of them at home. They’re clean now by the way, but the point is is that I had a lot of marriages around me, but was lacking one in my own home. My dad was married to someone else when he knocked up my mom, and they didn’t seem to think they should be together when he then got her pregnant six years later with my brother…oh well, they taught me that sometimes it’s better to just be friends with those you mated with than to actually live under the same roof. Nevertheless, i grew up never having that importance of marriage shoved in my face.



How I Met Your Friends

Perhaps Brooke was right. You don’t have to lose friends and only hang out with married couples when you get hitched. I mean, look at How I Met Your Mother. They were an array of of couples and single people all coming together in good graces for the sake of friendship – and there never seemed to be anything that awkward going on. Minus the fact that the person you assumed was the mother was just a woman regarded as an aunt in the end who the main guy fell for after the mother died of cancer.