Anything Boys Don’t Have to Worry About, I Don’t Have to Either

Growing up the daughter of a tomboy and the sister of two boys, it was clear that being an easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl was not something pushed on me. My mother likely still owns that same pink and green bottle of mascara (I Googled for clarification as I once used eye shadow on someone’s cheeks in theater), and she only wore it on insanely special occasions. The same went with any other ancient makeup relics found in her bathroom. When I started to get around the age girls start asking their parents to buy them this and that in the cosmetics department, I never felt like I needed to. Deep down maybe I thought it’d only make me look like Wesley Snipes in Too Wong Fu. Really though, I just didn’t care to spend all that time, energy and money on painting myself up every day – and it’s all thanks to my mom pointing out that boys don’t do that shit, so why do women have to? Point taken mom, point taken.