loving yourself

Don’t Worry Be Happy: Top 10 Quotes to Love Yourself

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to wake up and accept who you are, but when your own words fall flat – look to others to raise you up. The following are words of wisdom to remind yourself to love who you are, because that’s the only love you’re really guaranteed.



The Body Posi Media Movement

Back in the day people didn’t have the media to skew their view of beauty. Remember when we talked about this a couple weeks ago? The rich were larger because they could afford to eat and those with rail thin frames were deemed unworthy because they couldn’t get their hands on food. The media definitely changed that, especially after Twiggy came about in the 60’s. Gone were the full figure frames beauties like Marilyn Monroe and in were super thin models, and that idea of beauty remained the same. For me, it’s kind of always been this idea of in-shape gym rats. Weird that their standard has never really budged. Nevertheless, movies and television has since controlled what we find attractive but thankfully someone finally called bullshit and it’s started to shift in recent years.


With Age Comes Not Giving a Shit

When your mom walks out in the most ridiculous looking outfit, you have to wonder – how the hell doesn’t she care? Well, at least that was the case with my mom. I remember growing up, I would not go the grocery store without a shower and new outfit on. Today, I walk down to Target on a regular basis in an oversized tank top, mismatches tube socks and my hair in nappy looking braids. Just a few years ago this was not the case, but like my mom continued to tell me as a kid, “Watch when you get older, you’re not going to care.” Oh moms, what goes on in their brains during pregnancy that gives them this almighty wisdom? Well she was right, the older I got – the more I realized that I truly don’t care what others think of the way I look. Most of it has to do with my mom, but the other part came with the realization that continuously worrying that others are judging you is a damn waste of time.


The Be Real Campaign Celebrates a Positive Sense of Self

be-real-campaign-interviewFormed in 2014, The Be Real Campaign was founded in partnership with Dove and co-ordinated by YMCA England. Remember when Dove started to showcase people of all shapes and sizes and colors in their ads? Yup, that’s the kind of thing these organizations are all about. Be Real notes they’re about changing our attitudes towards body image and also wants to shine more light on the importance of health over looks. With that, they were the perfect people to talk to about this week’s topic. After a month of discussing what makes us self conscious, we’re ending on a high note talking with the people behind Be Real about their organization, their mission and what’s next for them this year.


Don’t Worry Be Happy: Embrace Yourself

When it all boils down, as this month is doing, we all have insecurities with the way we look. Be it acne, weight, our legs, what have you. We all have something that makes us feel less than but in reality – none of us should. I’d probably have more success solving an algebra problem (I’ve bombed it three times) than convincing someone they’re fine just the way they are. Why? Because we live in a world built around comparisons. We head to Yelp and comments sections to ensure a restaurant choice or a purchase is the best, looking at everything to compare and contrast to see fit the “best,” and we do the same with ourselves. We lock eyes with someone and instantly start looking them up and down to see how we stack up to them in all aspects but usually if it’s someone of the same sex, it’s looks first and foremost.