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The Reality Behind Chandler and Joey: Top 10 Ways to Bond with Your Roomie
Living with someone isn’t just about splitting the rent. While that’s a great perk to sharing space, the other is having a buddy. If you’re in the situation where you didn’t know the person you’ve now signed a lease with, try one, two or three of the following to make a connection with your new roommate.



The Closed Off Clean Freak


Note: I love these cleaning wipes from The Dollar Tree. If you’re ever like, hmm…what should I give Kendra for her birthday – it’s these. Lord knows how I’d react if I ever got the brand name ones.

You’d think someone who isn’t comfortable around most would quickly opt for a cabin in the middle of the forest where her only companions were the sounds Mother Nature decided to toss about. Ironically enough I like living with people. Well, person. More than one creates tension and really is a burden on the balance of good and evil when trying to split the bills, house duties and space. Since leaving that trailer out in  Cabazon, I’ve lived with 20 different people (give or take); including a family of four, college roommates and that one time I rented a room in a house with what I know weren’t vampires – but their sleep schedules and active hours could’ve fooled an outsider.

Realistically, I had to make a list to count those up and in all honesty, I knew only a handful of their names because I’m not the kind of person who thinks everyone they come across in life has some meaning and needs to be bookmarked for a future wedding invitation. Cohabitating isn’t an invitation to communicate on a deeper level to me. Yeah, we should be cordial because no one wants to live with a bitch, but do I need to know what motivates you in life and vice-versa? No, sometimes we just need a place to rest our head and keep our shit. Remember, home is more a state of mind than a physical address. I really can’t remember 99% of my college roommates’ names. They’re as memorable as college itself.


Thank You for Being a Friend

A couple years ago I was invited to a summer party. No, no one paid these people to interact with me in a social setting. I’d met Kathryn through our volunteer work with Big Brothers Big Sisters (we’re great people who give our time to help children, praise us – only her more so because she actually has worked with children in a teaching setting, and I just loved Role Models). We quickly sparked up a friendship thanks to our mutual understanding that Backstreet Boys is the best boy band ever. She soon told me one of her roommates was an N’SYNC fan, but I chose not to judge this girl I didn’t know too harshly about it because my own BFF was a trader to Joey Fatone in the past. That aside, I went to her and her roommates party, and their cute decor and sitcom-like reality made them picture perfect candidates for this week’s interview. Yes, all three were asked; Kathryn, Rosie and Jessie.

Rosie’s love of Friends always put the idea of living with her besties in the back of her mind, but when they all packed up and headed to LA – it was all perfect timing. Kathryn was planning on moving there with Jessie already, and then when a breakup led Rosie to make a change in her life – all three found a place and shared a space for two years. Now remember the whole realistic sitcom I just mentioned? Well that’s the thing about friends who live together, they eventually find new paths to follow and end up parting ways. So while these lovely ladies don’t have their Leonardo DiCaprio movie sessions anymore at Puppycake (the official namesake of their humble abode), they’re still as tight as jeans on a Monday after laundry day. Now let’s get inside the minds of a few women who are pretty much experts on rooming with others.


The Reality Behind Chandler and Joey: Cohabitating Outside of Family

Very rarely does one move out alone. Rewind back to Stephanie a couple of weeks ago. It took her a decade and a dozen roommates to live on her own. That’s not to say there aren’t the few golden geese out there who land a top salary job right away and can afford such solitude, but for most of the brave who head out – roommates are a financial necessity.