justin long

Can We Give ‘Accepted’ Way More Credit?

Movies about college are way more exciting than college. The same goes with sports as a kid. I’d rather watch The Mighty Ducks a million times as a kid than actually have to be near others my age in not only a competition, but a social setting. Back to college though…I wanted to write about Ryan Reynolds and the importance of Van Wilder. He used college to learn more than what books taught him. He became a community leader, a helping hand to his fellow students. However, he spent seven years there and did what I think a lot of people do – use college as a buffer between them and the real world. really though, college is great for that when you’re in your 20’s. Like, uh…mom – I can’t possibly grow up, I have a Psych 202 test to study for. Get off my back. So I at almost 3am I decided to go with Accepted because to me, that’s what college should be like. It should be about letting us find ourselves in a more relaxed manner, at our own pace for a few years. Not about doing a couple of years of honest to god useless GE classes.