Wish You Were Here: When Your Family Isn’t Around the Corner
Just a month ago 40% of you said when it came time to move out, you packed up and headed to a whole new state. That means right now those 40% are sitting away from their family and likely not seeing them as much as those of us who either live not too far from our mom and dad, in the same town as them still, or for some of you – in the same house. When that happens the inevitable is that you’ll miss your loved ones from time to time. It’s natural to be homesick…or is it?

Sitting at the library in downtown, avoiding crazy people, I read in Susan Matt’s Homesickness: An American History that, “Expert literature written for mental health practitioners, as well as popular culture, have ceaselessly promoted the idea that homesickness is a condition that, with proper training can be eliminated in childhood. Consequently, those who feel it as adults are seen as maladjusted.” So we’re supposed to get over missing our mom’s when we’re kids and when we fly the nest, to have any sort of emotional distress is just wrong?