Friendship Bracelets Aren’t Binding Contracts: Top 10 Gifts to Get a Friend You’ve Grown Apart From
When you were close as could be – you knew exactly what to get this friend. You knew everything they could possibly love. Now? You two may not be attached at the hip anymore and you’re absolutely clueless because out of the blue they’ve invited you to their birthday or some shit. Now you’re scrambling to get them a gift. Here are some ideas that will make things less awkward when they open their presents – even though, come on – it was weird they invited you anyway!



Wish You Were Here: Top 10 Gifts To Say ‘I Love You’ From Far Away

When you live far from the place you once called home and your loved ones, sometimes just dropping them a “hey” on Facebook just isn’t enough. Show them you’re thinking of them with these lovely gifts available on Etsy and elsewhere.