emo night

Emo(tional) Nights

To deny the music that guided you through adolescence is a crime. Those who don’t hold a special place in their little hearts for the artists that made them feel something other than insane due to the hormones that rattled their brains during those developmental teenage years, you’re weird to me. So when the idea of Emo Night came about, it seemed interesting enough and it was fun…at first. Going out once a month to listen to music that kept you sane growing up – priceless. Void was the hip hop you (I) don’t know from today, absent were the girls dressed like ladies of the night, guards dismantling your self esteem at the door – gone. Instead bands like The Used and Taking Back Sunday filled the space, girls dressed in Converse (phew!) and the security only cared if you were 21. It seemed like a place I’d find solace but instead I just started to be over it.