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Did Kanye Have the Right Idea: College, Does it Really Matter?
People seem to think spending four or more years after high school paying for more education makes your stock go up as a human being. Today we’re told from very early on to study hard because we need to go to college in order to get a better job and have a better life. I just want to say that I was an honor roll student my entire life, went to college and take in less a month than my younger brother who scored a GED at 22. That’s not to say college isn’t important. Doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, teachers – those people need college. A blogger? Not so much. I learned the basics of the English language by fifth grade. We’ll get to that later, but what really makes college worth it? The answer to that, the honest truth…knowing what the hell you want to do and taking full advantage of every opportunity while enrolled. Since we’re talking the truth, I did not do that. Not even going to pretend I did.