broke people

Please Don’t Tell Me You’re Broke Unless You’re Arm is in a Cast
Hearing people talk about how “broke” they are when they just dropped $200 on this, $100 on that and took a weekend trip to Maui makes me cringe inside. Just be cool with having money and don’t try and play the broke card when you’re far from it. People with money don’t bother me. It’s the ones who don’t realize just how much of a “Have” they really are. If I had financial freedom, I can assure you I’d likely still be cheap because I was raised by a woman who will never spend more than $5 on a pair of shoes, and thinks the legit 99 Cent Store is fancy. While still cheap in this fantasy world, I would like to think I’d never utter the words “I’m totally broke right now.” Maybe it’s because I find it as offensive as those people who wear glasses that are void of prescriptions. Why play poor when you’re fine on the money side?