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Popping the Acne Burden with Dinuki Suraweera

Of all the social media platforms I have, I could go the longest without Facebook. It’s not as quick as Twitter, not as insanely pleasing as Tumblr. It’s, as the kids say – basic. However, without it I would have never scrolled along and stumbled upon Dinuki Suraweera’s Huffington Post article, “How Having Adult Acne Made Me More Accepting of Other Women.” In it she detailed her struggle with facial imperfections after moving to New York City, which she told me of the move and the outbreak, “I think your skin takes a toll when your life is thrown off balance like that.”

At first I wanted to talk to a dermatologist about this topic, but after contacting a few and not hearing back – it was fate this article popped up in my feed. A doctor can tell you this and that, but when it comes to living with it, who better than someone like Dinuki? So we’ll find out more about this 31-year-old copywriter’s struggle with acne as an adult and how she got through it all.



Being Proactive: Grown Up Blemishes
Pimples, zits, acne – whatever you call it, it’s a commonality of life. There is no one on earth who’s gone through puberty who hasn’t had at least one or two or three breakouts that have left them freaking out. I mean, just one pimple on prom night has been the plot line of at least 300 teen-related TV shows and movies, right? That’s teenagers though. When you’re that age, looks are weighed ten times heavier than any other era of your life…or so we think. According to Richard Fried’s Healing Adult Acne: Your Guide to Clear Skin & Self-Confidence, “Recent studies suggest that adult acne is becoming increasingly common,” adding, “…many will have their acne worsen substantially as they enter their twenties with more extensive and inflamed lesions.” He says it’s because “Adult acne lesions tend to be deeper, more cystic and more localized” than the kind of acne that comes about in your teens.