Gaining a Sixth Sense: The Parental Responsibility

There is something about parents, good parents anyways, that freaks me out. It’s that innate sixth sense they have about their children. The way they can be focused on a conversation in the grocery store, but somehow know their kid is climbing the shelves two rows over to attain an unreachable treat. It’s like something happens hormonally in your body when you are going to have kids that winds up impacting you mentally. Of course not all people who spawn have this. I know people who have created mini humans who are the least parental in the world, but for the most part a lot of people I see are doing what they can because in the end – there is no ideal when it comes to raising a child.

Parents obviously have to keep their children clean, clothed and fed with a roof over their head but when it comes to the big stuff like raising them with or without religion, teaching them about sex, having them understand and appreciate a quality television show – those are always up for debate and no matter what some woman with a “Mother of the Year” mug at the playground says, there is absolutely no sixth sense when it come to that stuff. All of that is a personal choice based on the parents. Likely, if they loved how they were raised – they’ll stick with that. Morals, traditions and all that jazz will remain the same. If they were completely against their upbringing, they’ll create their own path. The sixth sense in this respect is more environmentally based than it is innate.

Childless, almost 30 and not enough in the bank to adopt (even though I would like to give homes to every kid featured on Wednesday’s Child on Fox 11), or do some fancy test tube baby – I don’t know if I’ll ever really know what it’s like to join the parent club. Then again, I’m not sure I’d want to. Aside from the cute pictures of your kid you get to post on Instagram and the love they give, to me kids are too much of a responsibility. I killed a goldfish in a day, and also failed to keep a puppy on this earth. In my defense, that dog was a goner from the start with it being a diabetic runt. Nevertheless, this is one topic that even in 10 years time I’ll only know of by watching others from afar.

This week we’ll talk to a father of one, the possibility of raising a horrendous human, take a look at a show I used to be all about but forgot about, and then list some reasons it’s actually quite cool to be a parent.


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