Bun in the Oven: Top 10 Weird Pregnancy Facts

Pregnancy is already one of the weirdest, but most natural parts of human life but just when you think you knew the oddest things about it – there’s more. Here are some of the freakiest…

10. Stimulating nipples can bring on labor.


9. The longest pregnancy on record was over a year…


8. Babies start to pee inside their mamas when they are four months old. They also drink it. We. Drink. Our. Pee.


7. Tall and overweight women have a greater chance of carrying multiples.


6. Because of an increase in blood volume, pregnant women can experience bloody noses and gums.


5. The way our faces develop is terrifying.


4. Baby girls develop all the reproductive eggs they’ll ever use in their lifetime while in utero.


3. Babies develop so much hair in the womb it looks like they’re wearing little fut coats…thankfully they shed before they pop out.


2. Women who have heartburn during their pregnancy are more likely to have a baby with a full head of hair.


1. Our identity is set within the first three months in the womb – that’s when our fingerprints are done cooking.



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