MTV Proved Pregnancy Does Not Make Your Grown

After rich kids in Orange County and the internet, MTV started to take a dive. Not all good things last can last though, right? Soon enough we were introduced to a show about pregnant teenagers. All of them different, but at the end we saw they were basically all stuck in a variety of messes. While some were responsible, there were more than enough that showcased why you should wait until you’re older and more mature to have kids.

I’ve always believed that you better be mature enough for what comes out if you’re going to put it in, or let it in. Basically, don’t have unsafe sex if you’re not prepared for what could happen in nine months. Unfortunately there are way too many people who don’t realize that. They just go around, get pregnant and then don’t care about what’s inside them, or the responsibility that comes with it.

16 and Pregnant showcased how teens aren’t always the best parents, but that when they mentally mature – it can work out. Look at Maci and Ryan. Maci stepped it up. She was just a kid but realized she was no longer a teen, but a mother. Ryan on the other hand is still far from being an adult. I mean, he’s what – 45 and still living at home with his parents? While she’s on her own with a new husband and three kids she takes care of.

Whether you’re 16, 26 or 36 – being pregnant means growing up. It’s not just about having a cute kid to dress and then post on Instagram. It’s work and if you’re not willing to clock in, don’t like that cock in – or don’t put that cock in. Pregnancy isn’t all on the girl.


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