Bun in the Oven: Nine Months to Life

There are those who don’t want kids flat out and we talked about that variety pack last week. Now we’re moving on to those who actually go through with bringing a new life into this world. Of course there’s always adoption and if there were more time on a calendar, we’d open that up because that’s personally what I’d always wanted to do if given the means – but alas we’re going to talk about the more natural way of having kids. Which of course means getting knocked up and going through the whole pregnancy thing.

About four months away from 30, I can write this knowing plenty of people my age who’ve gone down this road at least once. Many my age can relate. We’ve seen them all try and outdo one another with their cutesy pregnancy announcements, the baby bump pics, the odd ultrasound shots (that literally look like screenshots of science experiments), baby shower announcements and of course that initial newborn photo…What we outsiders rarely see though are the actual realities of pregnancy.

It’s not just nine months or so with a thing growing inside of you that ends in a cute kid and a sea of even cuter baby clothes. It’s nine months of so of uncomfortable living for most women, and men who are by their side. According to The Pregnant Couple’s Guide, “You have no control over how your body responds to the hormonal changes and the new life growing inside you.” So for almost a year your body is basically in a hostage situation with a person in charge who cannot talk, walk or control its bowel movements…sounds insane, but no matter how crazy it sounds to a person like me, there are millions of expecting parents walking around every day. Just look at your Facebook as proof.

What’s even stranger to think is that a lot of women who have kids actually go back and do it again. These women amaze me because I currently have a splinter in my right index finger and am whimpering every time I hit a key the wrong way. I am a sissy when it comes to pain and not the least bit nurturing, so good moms are people I have complete respect for.

Over the course of the week we’ll take a break from talking about the awe I am in when women have more than one kid and focus on a woman who has been pregnant a couple of times now, talk about my innate fear of giving birth, and then round things out with a little this and that.


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