You Were Born an Adult?

My biggest problem with people who seem to flat out hate kids is that they act like they were never young at all in their entire life. Like oh, you came out your mom with a 401k and a mature attitude towards life? Okay, I don’t think so because I know some pretty immature adults out there who have a disdain towards children. So I can’t imagine they were that grown all their lives. That’s not to say that some people can be telling the truth when they present that factoid about themselves, but I’d be willing to call bullshit on at least 99.9% of them because kids are supposed to be horrible. It’s in their DNA. We’re supposed to be some level of a monstrosity growing up because we lack the common sense not to be. Hell, even though I was a pretty quiet kid who favored playing alone to being a part of a large, loud group – I would never say I wasn’t a brat. I threw my fair share of fits back in the day…throughout college and even some today. So I could never say I hate kids because they’re a nuisance because I was once one myself and have not forgotten that.

There aren’t vivid memories of me in elementary school but man oh man, my biggest brat moment had to have been when Backstreet Boys were on Rolling Stone for the first time and my mom refused to take me to the store to get it. Granted, the store was about a 20-30 minute drive but hey – I was in middle school, BSB had their pants down and it was a necessity to be able to continue living. At least that’s what I thought when I threw my big ass on the floor of our trailer and threw a tantrum fit for a three-year-old. 10 years too old to be doing that, I continued and can laugh now but holy hell. I cannot believe my mom didn’t slap me for that. She’d hit me for far less before and after but hot damn that was well deserving of a smack to the face. Instead she took me to town, bought me that magazine and who knows if it even survived the termite infestation a few years ago in the shed. I hold onto hope that it did, or that tantrum was for nothing.

I’ve quoted this before elsewhere on this blog, but again – one of my favorite lines in Perks of Being a Wallflower is about how you forget what it’s like to be 16 once you reach 17, and that’s something I don’t want to ever lose about myself. I remember what it’s like to be a bratty kid who doesn’t know better when it comes to acting out in public, so while yeah it’s annoying as fuck to be almost 30 and have to see that when I go out, I can’t hate too much because I’ve been there, been that before. So people who flat out hate kids, let’s not forget that you were once their age and were likely just as big a brat…or possibly your brat phase came later in life, or is still something you’re going through.


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