No Kids Allowed: The Anti-Procreation Generation
We’re here, the final month of topics and really the last chapter I think you hit in many books on adulting; kids. In a bit of a twist though we’re starting out with a week talking about not wanting kids. Despite the flood of baby pictures on Facebook and Instagram, some people are not into that world – at all. This of course is because of a variety of reasons. Some just loathe kids, others don’t feel they have that nurturing gene and some people like me…we’re a bit selfish.

People who just do not like kids the way I will never care for condiments aren’t rare. I know a lot of those people. They become easily annoyed at a baby crying don’t think their friends need to post newborn pics (me either, aliens – we all look like aliens at that stage) and they are really bothered when people questions their choice not to bring a life into this world.

Then there are those who believe they lack the brain functions to raise and care for a child. These people are gems because do you know how many unfit parents I’ve seen in my days that I wish had that same notion? I relate to this group of people because I can’t even care for a goldfish but I am more like the last bunch. You know the type, or maybe you don’t because they’d never admit it – but the folks too selfish to be a parent.

Years ago, far from the possibility of even having kids, a friend and I were talking about it. The idea of having to buy diapers over shoes for ourselves or even a concert ticket was blasphemous then…and honestly  it still kind of is. That’s not to say my child would starve if I suddenly found myself a parent, but I will admit a big reason, other than being incapable of nurturing – I don’t want to be financially responsible for another living thing. My boyfriend and I just put our finances together and that was a big enough deal  for me because even void of a “real” job, I have more saved than him. There are a multitude of reasons why we anti-baby having people don’t want to bring life into this world; a hate for kids, not being nurturing enough and/or just being selfish.

It doesn’t mean we’re horrible at least we’re not having them and being shitty parents, right? So this week we’ll explore this more by talking to a woman who is not about giving birth, talk less about my selfishness and more about people’s lack of memory, get into a Redbox favorite and explore things you’re free to do more when you don’t have kids.


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