All Hitched Up: Top 9 Tips for Making a House a Home for Two

A couple should never more into one another’s place. They should definitely have their own spot, especially if getting married. It’s just better to come together in a place to insure that no one has the upper hand on anyone else. Then comes the fact that you have to then make the house a home for the both of you. Which this can be hard if styles don’t exactly match up, so here are some tips to take yours and theirs and make it coincide in an actual home.

9. Go with the Best Furniture

If one of you already has great pieces, go with them. If not, go shopping and compromise; one picks the style and the other picks the color.

8. Frame Both Families

You each get a picture of your parents and siblings in the house, no doubt about that.

7. Be Open to Change

If you or they don’t like something, talk it over and if it comes down to it – get rid of it, it’s not a big problem.

6. It’s Not a Dorm

Unless you absolutely love your alma mater and posters that much, try and adult the place a bit; hints of school spirit and framed prints.

5. Give Up Closet Space

Share the space, enough said.

4. Think of Food as “Ours”

You’re not roommates, they can have some of “your” cereal.

3. Get a Joint Bank Account

So household expenses aren’t on one person.

Hit Target Together

Shop for household items together so you’re both in on it.

Highlight Hobbies

Place accents of both of your hobbies in the decor.


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