The Marriage Situation Coalition

TV and movies usually give us a casing of what marriage is without diving too deep because let’s face it, we don’t really want to watching every aspect of someone else’s life. Okay, maybe reality TV debunks that statement but when I sat down and tried to think of one show or movie to showcase – I came back a little stumped. Hence, this being a day late. So sitting on the bumpiest bus and actually writing with a pen and pencil –  I went with The Big Bang Theory because it’s a show I as much. Plus, they have two married couples I love to dish about.

When The Big Bng Theory started it’s hard to know if the creators ever imagined the leading men with female counterparts. 10 seasons later and half are married and both are in very different stages. Howard and Bernadette are long past the newlywed phase Leonard and Penny are technically in, and they’re expecting. While they’re further along, it seems the couples are, at times, still on even playing fields though. Each are still working on keeping secrets and how to deal with friends coinciding with their lives as a couple. Guess it shows that a few years marrieds vs married a few months really doesn’t showcase too much difference. You’re always going to be learning and adjusting in a marriage. Perhaps until you’re those old people who’ve been married over a half a century.

The Big Bang Theory has characters at all stages of love, some still looking for it, some just dating, newlyweds and expectant – and all seem as clueless as the last on how to make their love life perfect. Because really? Perfect doesn’t exist in love. It’s work to make love work, but thinking you’ll unlock some perfect relationship – that’s just crazy talk.


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