All Hitched Up: Life After the Wedding

Fairy tales have taught us that once you find “the one” you’ll live “happily ever after” but according to the latest statistics 41% of first marriages end in divorce court. That number rises for second marriages to 60% and by someone’s third time down the aisle, it’s 73%. With all that said, why are people still all about it? That’s probably because at the end of the day we’re still in love with the idea of love. Not only love, but finding that one person you can be comfortable enough with in life. That, to me, is what marriage is all about.

When you’re dating the compromises don’t have to go that far because breaking up is easier than going through a whole divorce. So when you get married you have to work way harder to make sure things don’t go south and because some people aren’t willing to put in the effort – you get those stats from above. See, according to 30 Lessons for Loving, “We expect that marriage changes people. Marriage changes the rules” like how we react towards society and people, “Ultimately, the rules have to change – to be redefined, negotiated, and redefined – if a marriage is to work.”

That’s not meant to scare anyone away from marriage though, it’s meant to showcase that getting married doesn’t ultimately bring about the fairy tale ending so easily. Just because you found the soul mate of your dreams doesn’t mean life will be easy after you say “I do.” But for those who are willing to make it work, literally, marriage is a great thing – from what I can see via multiple Facebook posts. My married friends seem happy enough, or at least that’s what they post for the world to see. They all seem to have found someone who not only makes them happy, but can be there to support them when times get rough. Like I’ve always believed, you have two soul mates in life – one you fuck and one you don’t; your partner and your best friend.

This week we’ll talk about the idea of married life more with an interview with a woman who met her husband when she was in middle school, and more.


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