Chapters of Ships

A few years back my friends from high school and I met for lunch. No matter how much time passes between us, I really feel like we’re 16 again when all put in the same room. Yes, you can feel a little growth in the air as marriage and babies are now topics on the table but hey – when you’re pushing 30, that seems the norm. However, for me then…I was single and far from ever thinking any sort of “normal” was around the corner from me. Which was okay because I read on the almighty Tumblr once that you cannot compare your chapter two to someone’s chapter 14. While we may all be the same age, not everyone hits the same milestones and stages of life and that’s why I think it’s okay when you get married and find yourself making new friends along the way. Not to say you’ll ultimately leave your single buds forgotten in the shed like that kid in Room or anything because everyone has friends for the season and friends for life, and you have to realize that seasonal friends are going to come and go.

Those friends are the ones that you’ll be fine with losing. A college girlfriend you really only ever connected to based on a favorite TV show, or that guy you met at work who suddenly got fired and you found wasn’t really as fun outside the office. Those are the types of people you don’t really keep around, especially after you’re married because they were there for one chapter of your life. They aren’t recurring characters. Those are the ones that no matter what – stay in place. So when you get married, single or not, those are the friends you’re not quick to discard in the dumpster out back.


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