I Do: Top 10 Ways to Save on Your Big Day

Wedding can be expensive as hell, but they surely don’t have to be. There are a million and one ways to cut down those costs and I got 10 right here for you!

10. Chop Down That Guest List

You do not need to invite your reading partner from 2nd grade.

9. Email Instead of Snail Mail

It’s 2016, you can go ahead utilize email or Facebook when it comes to guests letting you know they’re in or not.

8. Forget Turning Up on the Weekend

Saturday is the most expensive day to get married, for good reason. It’s a day you know people can get off work but hey – you wanna save, don’t you?


Tell everyone on their invite to RSVP with a bottle of booze. It may look cheap AF but if you’re not into presents and more into the party – tell them the drinks are all you want from them.

6. Don’t Go Overboard with the Cake

You can have a simple tiered cake, but then have a sheet cake in the back so that everyone gets a piece and you still have a cute one for display.

5. Use Alternatives to Bouquets

This will cut those flower costs out and give your wedding a unique spin. Remember Queena? She’s knitted hers and is working on her bridesmaids!

4. Play the Second Hand Game

If you have your theme already in mind, then it’s time to hit the thrift stores, garage sales and Pinterest to turn those old items into something new.

3. Be Your Own DJ

My boyfriend’s sister hired a couple BUT what she did do is have all the guests RSVP with a song to play. I’m saying do that and then just turn that playlist on yourself.

2. Sell It Back

Whatever you can sell after the wedding, please do! There are other people out there looking too!

1. Get a White Dress That’s Not from the Bridal Section

Because the dresses are labeled “wedding dress,” they cost a shit ton more. So opt for white bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses, etc.


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