JLo’s Second Best as a Man Stealing Queen Bee

If Jennifer Lopez is only ever remembered for one thing, we all know it’s going to be her backside, Selena and that Grammy dress. What needs to be on that list though is The Wedding Planner because that is a gem of a movie. Why was it this week’s pick though? Perhaps because when you think of wedding planning, it’s the first thing that comes to mind? Yup, that’s exactly why. Also because it shows the bad side of what goes into a wedding when you aren’t really in it for the love and are more so there for the day.

The premise for this movie is very RomCom. Lopez plays Mary Fiore – a woman who doesn’t have time for a man because she’s very focused on her career, and of course an older relative that needs her attention (her dad in this case). She is the maestro of the wedding scene but her life gets complicated when she is saved by a pediatrician named Steve Edison, who she also starts falling for…and winds up being his wedding planner. Oh no! Of course he returns the sentiments since his fiance is the worst and more focused on the wedding than her soon to be husband.

The lesson here? Other than the fact that you can be saved by a handsome man from a runaway dumpster in the middle of the street after your heel gets stuck? Well, for the sake of this week – it’s that you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about the details of the day because while you’re sitting there with your eyes on the perfect venue – you’re partner could have their eyes on another person to share that big day with in the future. While it’s an exciting time to plan your wedding, make sure that you realize that it’s not just YOUR day, but something that you and your partner are partaking in. Don’t be self-centered with it, or JLo could come in and get your man!


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