It’s Cheaper to Dream Than to Do

Again, TLC shows about saying yes to dresses and the big day are my shit and even when I was little and up through college I had ideas of what I wanted my wedding to be like. Then I realized how much things actually cost and revoked all those ideas. The idea of eloping became more and more the ideal, as did just going down the courthouse because money – it is the one thing not flowing through my existence.

If money was no option though, I think I’d still keep my wedding very simple. I’m not the fanciest person to some grand ballroom scene out of a Disney classic wouldn’t feel right. Instead I’d want only a handful of people at a low key party where the decor fit our personalities. I always thought I’d want a theme wedding but now I’m not sure. Do I really want to spend the time and energy (and money) on something I’d likely only notice? Years ago I planned a music themed wedding and I have to say, it was pretty cute BUT now that I’m actually with someone, music wouldn’t make sense because he doesn’t really care about that.

Given the chance though, the only thing I’d want to splurge on is making sure both of our families were able to go and have a good time. They’re on opposite coasts now and really that’s the only concern I have when it comes to cost. Other than that, again, I’m completely happy eloping and then sending them pictures or having a big party in the end. Because really, only very few people care about the actual ceremony. Haven’t you ever noticed WAY more people are always at the reception vs the boring part with the vows? Exactly.

In the end a giant wedding that costs a lifetime’s worth of earnings, that just isn’t ideal for me because I will never have the funds and it doesn’t fit who I am. I guess that’s the positive to being raised check to check.


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