I Do: The Price of a Party

Friday nights used to be reserved for my ass sitting alone watching the hell out of TLC’s wedding show lineup. I would gasp at the beauty of the dresses on Say Yes, judge the shit out of every one of the participants on Four Weddings and even tried to watch other shows that never quite made it…No one cares about the bridesmaid dress, sorry! So yes, I fucking love me a wedding but when I got into a relationship and a year or so went by, the talk of marriage had me thinking, “Yeah, no. That is just too expensive.” I will always love the idea, but when someone else is picking up the tab and that’s what this week is about. Well, not on how to get someone to pay for your big day, but the idea of planning a wedding because this month is about marriage and you usually don’t have that without a big ceremony with family, friends, presents and some stress on top.

Sharon Naylor said it best in 1,001 Ways to Save Money– and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding when they noted, On the one hand, weddings are a time of great love and family togetherness, the thrilling part. The “terrified” part comes in when you think about how much your dream wedding will cost.” Have you ever watched one of those shows on TLC? Some women drop more on their dress alone than I will ever make in a lifetime. “$15,000 is no problem for MY day.” Girl, that better be your entire life because a day just isn’t worth that much. To me anyways. Some women though, the price means absolutely nothing and that’s because of a various number of reasons. Either they were born into money, they or their spouse have a great job, or they saved up and are now blowi – I mean spending it all one this one occasion.

Why though, why have weddings become such a significant part of marriage? When I was younger I legit didn’t know you were married when you got a license. Those did not exist in my head. TV has taught me that it was a dude in a church that read from a bible, even if you weren’t necessarily religious, who made things official. Nope, the weddings are just for show, and to get presents. At least that’s the only reason I’d really want to spend a day away from the couch all dressed up in makeup. While I am always a skeptic on a personal level though, I really do wish I got to attend more because as cheap as I am – I will always love well, love.

Do I think couples should shell out their life savings? No, god no. But I appreciate a nice day out where I don’t have to get too dressed up, I get to watch two people’s union of love and of course it ending with a free meal and cake. Cake, the real reason to have a wedding. We’ve found the answer my people, we did it.

According to Cost of a Wedding, the average shindig will set you back $26,645 in the US. Yup, that’s way more than I take in in a year, or two. However, if you have it and that’s what you’d like to use it for – who is anyone to tell you how much to spend or not to spend on your day. At the end of the day the wedding is about two people; the bride and groom and as long as they’re happy with the results, that’s all that matters.

This week we’ll talk to one of my oldest friends who is starting to plan her own wedding, get more into my love of TLC, check in with JLo and then give you some tips on how to cut the cost down.


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