Cruel Lies
For decades now teen movies have been feeding us delicious lies about so many things; popularity, makeovers, and of course sex. Either you were “cool” and active in high school or you weren’t and even though it was based on teens and not adults, I feel like those movies continued to have an impact as we got older. Like we talked about with Becky, there are clear stigmas attached to being a virgin and they get worse with age.Teen movies set us up for that because how many are about the woes of a virgin just trying to get laid? Also, how many of them portray first times like an awesome event?

While American Pie is always going to be the first one that comes to mind, let’s shift gears and talk about Cruel Intentions for a second. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are magic in this. No one is denying that, but come on…So she plays the ultimate good girl virgin Annette to his insanely devious Sebastian who bets his evil stepsister Kathryn that he can be the first to sleep with her. Other than that being kind of creepy, Sebastian does indeed get Annette in bed – but only after falling in love with her. Aww, WAIT. What didn’t bother me then but does bother me now is how passionate and tender they made that sex scene.

Sex for the first time may be different for everyone but I just want to believe – from personal experience – that it hurts and there is blood, for the woman. Of course you can’t show a girl in love in a bit of agony as the gorgeous Ryan Phillippe is “making her a woman.” That’d obviously ruin the mood. I get that these movies have to create a world of fantasy, but damn – most are setting us up for disappointment, at least for the first time. That’s why you have to appreciate The O.C. when Summer and Seth finally did it, and laid there awkward afterwards. That’s how it should be because rest assured…Counting Crows is not going to be playing after seeing Phillippe in a lovely blue button down at the top of an escalator.


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