Fashionable Protection
There isn’t anyone in pop culture exactly promoting unsafe sex. That’d just be irresponsible but at the same time, how many people were/are telling people to get those condoms ready to go? TLC did this back in the ‘90s in a big way when they decided their fashion was the way to display their stance on safe sex. Adorning their ensembles with colorful condoms, they were all about that safe life and should be applauded for that.

What was oblivious to me then, but I respect now is that they were women talking about this issue. When you look at timelines for women’s rights, it’s weird to realize that shit went down not too long ago. Some of our grandmothers lived in a time where they were just viewed as housewives with no opinion, no right to vote, no rights when it came to how they’re body was treated. So any woman who takes matters into their own hands and stands away from what society has deemed the status quo, that’s applaudable.

It was when the group first started that they began wearing condoms as accessories. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes said in ‘92, “The point is to make condoms something kids aren’t afraid of or ashamed of.” Which, she makes a good point. A lot of teens, hell some adults, are embarrassed when it comes to even buying protection. Like they walk up to the counter with their head down, voices low and that – along with the lack of education and awareness – is what causes too many STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Which, why would anyone be embarrassed about getting laid in the first place? Sex is one of the most natural acts you’ll experience, just make sure to do it the right way.


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