The Worst Kind of Chances to Take
We’re friends here and I never mind sharing with you. Last week I probably wrote my most personal note and I am only saying that because this week goes with it. Safe sex is something that should always be taken seriously but let’s just say when you’re as mentally unstable as I was that summer of who gives a fuck, you make mistakes. Thankfully though none of them involved me heading to Planned Parenthood or shelling out $50 for Plan B. While I can be as cool as a non-single mother today, I know it was stupid as fuck to let a guy convince me they didn’t have to wear a condom. Kendra, you were an idiot. I mean, you still are about certain aspects in your life – but damn you were as dumb as Paris Hilton on The Simple Life then.

In all honesty only a few guys have ever gotten me to take that risk. That potential STD riddled, nine months of horror risk. The first was a sly law student whose dorm in downtown was to die for. Literally a scene out of romcom; sleek, a view, modern ass appliances. The sort of thing that’ll impress a girl who grew up in a double wide. Hell, plumbing impresses me. No a septic tank – you fancy huh? Anyways, won over by a gorgeous smile and an Ikea wet dream, we did it once without any sort of barrier protecting either of us. The next day he blew me off, lied about taking time to concentrate on his degree, deleted his profile, and made another one (I know because he later popped up on my feed again). You would have thought I learned a lesson, nah. Remember, dumb as Paris in that ridiculous show. So again I fell for another guy. Only this time around it wasn’t just once. It was way too many times. It was also with someone that I’m 100% sure would have made me a single mother by my 28th birthday. When that came to an end though, all I walked away with was a month wasted, knowing what it’s like to be with a guy not blessed in the package department and a single text.

Mistakes are going to happen when it comes to sex. Hell, half the time it’s the person you’re sleeping with that is the mistake and not even the act itself. I’ve made mine and I’m sure you’ve made yours, and for those who haven’t yet – you will. It sucks, but you will. I was an idiot to sleep with these two guys without anything shielding me from some of the major negatives that come from sex, but you live, you learn and you move on. Now in an actual relationship, there is no random encounters at 2am so I’m good there and now that I am with someone I have a future with, the idea of a baby is something we actually talk about, and want to prevent together because at this point – we’re not even close to being ready and responsible enough to care for another living creature. So we’re safe as could be and will continue to keep it that way until well, I’m not sure. We’ll talk about kids in a couple months and I’ll get back to you then. Until then, enjoy sex. It’s one of the greatest gifts on earth – but don’t be a dumbass about it…all the time.


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