Sex Smart: Being Safe
There are a lot of great things about sex, but at the same time there are a lot of things that could go wrong if you aren’t smart about it. We’re talking about those pesky STDs. Some can be treated, but some well – they’re with you for life like an embarrassing family nickname. Only in this case you don’t really want your parents to refer to you as Gonorrhea Gary. The best way to stay safe about sex is to get educated about it.

Last week Dr. Patricia Futia noted how much we’re lacking in this country when it comes to sexual education and looking at the number of rapes, STDs and teen pregnancies – she was right. While David E. Newton noted in Being Safe, “A large majority of Americans appear to favor the inclusion of sex education in school,” it seems like we’re not getting taught enough. Spending one day on STDs, handing a sack of flour over to a 15-year-old and then calling it a day – that’s not really getting the point across at a young age. So then you have these teens growing up to be adults who are as clueless because I don’t know about you, but did you have sex-ed at your college? No, we have YouTube and WebMD where we then conclude we have either glaucoma or syphilis.
So if you can as an adult get some sort of education about sex, do it. If not, try really, really hard to use that thing your mama gave you called common sense. Sex without protection is an idiotic thing. This is especially true if you’re just going from partner to partner. It also shows an unhealthy lack of respect for yourself. One night isn’t worth messing up the rest of your life. So always protect before you get down. It’s not that hard and if you can’t afford a condom – how the hell you think you can afford medication or a kid?

These years are supposed to be filled with exploration and adventure. Think you can do that with an unplanned kid on your side, or a disease you can’t get rid of? Yup, it’s better to be safe than sorry and that’s what this week is all about. We’re actually going to talk to a guy who works for an organization that helps educate teens so they don’t turn into clueless adults, get extremely personal about my connection to Buddy Nielsen, get into the importance of a 90’s fashion accessory and then some.


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