Let’s Talk About Sex: Top 10 Turn Offs

This week has been a doozy. We talked about sex in general, got to know more about the importance of education with Dr. Futia, discovered control issues and explored with The To Do List. Now we’re turning our attentions to the part of sex no one ever wants to deal with, the things that turn us off from it!

10. Too Shy

You can be coy to a point, but you’ve got to be vocal about what you want!

9. Living Situation

No one wants to hook up down the hall from their partner’s parents.

8. Bad Feet

Gross, but an easy fix if you don’t mind knocking boots with some socks.

7. Too Much Hair


6. Body Odor

We’re attracted to natural scents, but you can’t take it too literal…

5. A Damn Mess

I’m sorry but an adult should not live in a place that mirrors a landfill.

4. Serial Killer Vibes

Don’t be coming up in here with Ted Bundy eyes.

3. Bad Breath

Again, you’re an adult – get your situation right.

2. Odd Talking

Sexy talk is one thing, but (unless you and your partner are on board) don’t go making animal noises, cartoon voices or anything else that may be considered out of the norm.

1. Being Greedy

Sex is a give and take, so don’t just take it all for yourself!


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