Far from the ‘Parks and Rec’ Office

Perhaps because I could relate to the smart kid who spent too much time studying instead of learning the sexual ways of the world, I absolutely loved Aubrey Plaza in The To Do List. Not just her, the movie as a whole. An eye opening cinematic experience I feel everyone should watch and take a lesson from. But for those who have yet to experience this movie, here’s a quick breakdown: Aubrey Plaza plays Brandy Klark, an inexperienced girl about to head off to college. She spent her teens practicing more for the SATs than she did making out and hooking up, so she decides that before she leaves for dorm life, she’s going to tackle everything from fingerbanging to the big show. Always punctual she creates a list and we watch her summer vacation turn into a sexual exploration with the likes of Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Donald Glover and Andy Samberg. While we watch her learn the ropes of jobs both hand and blow, we also watch her realize how important intimacy is in the grand scheme of things. Hooking up is one thing, but there’s a lot more to sex than the physical.

What’s to be appreciated most about this movie is that it is a woman taking complete control of her sexuality. How many teen movies about sex are there where the guy is looking to get laid? Way more than those starring women. Actually since we’re on the subject, there is a great one about female orgasms called Coming Soon ya’ll should check out. Now back to Plaza’s endeavors. Like Santa, she made a list, checked it twice and then went out there and got it done. If you are the type of woman who sits around waiting for a man to come around, watch this movie, feel empowered and make that first move girl. Be the dominant one when it comes to this kind of stuff once in awhile and ask for what you want. More so, what I took away is that it’s never wrong to do a little research about this shit if you’re clueless on the matter. Plaza didn’t just turn to books (it was the ’90s) but she also consulted her mother (you’re an adult, and sex should not be embarrassing to talk about anymore) and her friends. If you have friends like Plaza that have actual experience, great. They’re going to be way more helpful about this than those sitting in the same boat as you. You wouldn’t ask a fish how to fly, right?

In the end Brandy did take away a grand lesson when it comes to sex, just because you are extremely physically attracted to someone doesn’t mean the sex is going to be that great. A number of things could factor into that but at the end of the day, you may be the type of person who has to actually like more than physicalities of your partner. She thought the ripped lifeguard was going to be perfection but instead it was the shy boy who tried way too hard all summer to get more than a handjob from her.


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